Don't wait for a fall...

Assisting Independent Living

Sensing when there is no activity in the home

  • AbiBird is an intelligent activity sensor that uses a body heat motion sensor to monitor activity
  • AbiBird compares activity every hour to a simple pre-set daily routine
  • When activity stops during the routine time, an alert will be sent via the AbiBird smartphone app to all family member’s or carers.



Peace of Mind

Know your loved ones are ok wherever you are

  • Track hourly activity with the graph on the app
  • Receive alert notifications directly to your smartphone
  • Unobtrusive, no video or audio recording.



A Simple Solution

AbiBird will discreetly look out for your loved one

  • AbiBird is a free standing, intelligent device
  • Does not need to be worn, plugged in or charged
  • AbiBird runs on standard AA Batteries for up to 12 months
  • Place AbiBird on a table top, wall or shelf.




Don't wait for a fall...

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