Frequently Asked Questions


How does AbiBird work?

AbiBird is a small unobtrusive activity sensor that can be placed on a shelf or table. After setting a routine in the smartphone app, a quick glance at the app will indicate whether the person being cared for is active and if not warning notifications will be sent via the app and email.

Where can I download the App?

The app is free and can be downloaded by searching for ‘AbiBird’ on either the App Store (for Apple smartphones) or Google Play (for Android Devices).

What do I need to receive alerts from the AbiBird Device?

A smartphone to receive alerts from the AbiBird Device and to download the free AbiBird app from either the App Store or Google Play. Ensure the notifications are turned on in both the app and general phone settings.

Do I need Internet or Wi-Fi to setup an AbiBird Device?

No, AbiBird is a standalone Device. The Device uses Sigfox network technology, similar to your mobile phone but uses much less power. To check your region has Sigfox email us with your postcode and we can check.

Do I need to charge the AbiBird Device or connect it to power?

No, AbiBird only requires 4 AA batteries and can last up to 12 months without replacing them. You will receive notifications in the app to let you know when the batteries are running low.

How does AbiBird know if something is wrong and help is needed?

AbiBird will compare the activity in your home to a routine you can set, if the activity stops or is very unusual then an alert will be sent to all associated users.
Additionally, a “Call for Help” alert can be sent by tapping the Device at least 10 times, or making a loud noise repeatedly at least 15 times with 10 seconds between repeats.

Can I share the notifications with friends, family, or carers?

Yes, you can share the notifications with as many other people as you would like. They will need to download the free smartphone app and setup an account, following the user guide you can easily add them from there. Ensure they have notifications turned on in both the app and their general phone settings. Note that if anyone pauses notifications in the app it will affect all associated users, including you.

What if I there is a change in the routine for a day?

You can pause the AbiBird Device using the smartphone app to deactivate alerts, just remember to un-pause the Device later.

Will pets affect AbiBird?

By placing AbiBird roughly 1.5m above the ground or at least above the height of your pets, they can then move around below its detection zone without interfering with the Device.

What should I do if there is a fault or technical issue with my AbiBird Device?

Please read the ‘User Guide’ instructions carefully to see if you can resolve the technical issue. Alternatively, please email us your enquiry and we will reply as soon as possible.

Has the AbiBird Device been tested and approved for New Zealand standards?

Yes, AbiBird has CE Certification and complies with the required standards.


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